Pacific City Limited is a London-based value driven company with experience in the business of marine supply chain and provision of service support to the Maritime and Oil & Gas industry.

We keep our customer satisfaction at the forefront and strive to consistently provide worldwide one-stop best buying experience, and our esteemed customers include ship management organizations, ship owners and shipyard operators amongst others.

We aim to achieve the enviable position as your trusted and dependable essential supplier with an intention to regularly meet your expectations while also providing you with global standard items without any compromise on quality and efficiency.

In recent years, Pacific City Limited has matured as a trusted supplier to the maritime and oil & gas sector.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and responsive to our customers’ specific needs and demands and we work with our customers on solutions-based products and services.

With teamwork and dedication, we try to get everything done accordingly to enhance customers’ satisfaction. We believe that a  formidable synergy with our customers will always deliver EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS.

You can rest assured that we take the maritime and the oil and gas industries’ support service and supply chain issues seriously and so, we always ensure that our services are carried out in accordance with globally acceptable standards. We pay attention to details and continuously train our staff , widening their horizons to the limitless opportunities and possibilities in effective and efficient service delivery.


Our Vision

To be the preferred provider in the marine industry by providing good quality products, services, and maintain our relationship and profitability to our customers.


Our Mission

To meet the needs of our clients using best practices, ensuring profitable returns for all stakeholders and to develop new lines of business related to the field of marine supplies & services.


Target Market

Maritime and Shipping Companies, Oil & Gas Companies in the organized private sector

Our Core values

We always strive to ensure that our core values continually resound in all our interactions with our customers. At Pacific City Limited, our customers’ satisfaction come first and we endeavour to constantly do what is best for them.

  • Reliability

    We are a reliable and trusted partner

  • Customer Satisfaction

    This is the guiding principle of our service delivery to our customers and stakeholders.

  • Professionalism

    Our dedicated team possess the necessary industry experience coupled with knowledge and the desire to provide the highest level of service.

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